David Honeybone and my installation in this year’s Roundhay Art Trail. We asked people (both beforehand and during the art trail) “Imagine that you have to flee your home NOW – what would you take with you?”. The installation then consisted of an inflatable dingy (3.7×1.7m), two hanging collages of newspaper headlines, a hand painted map of the world showing some major migration routes, two ladders acting as book shelves for books by and about refugees, all the forms people had completed of what they would take – and examples of all (almost) the items that people noted on their forms.

The boat and collages have now been donated to Oakwood primary school to use in their own installation to show their students (phew, I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with a large, leaking dingy).

More pictures and details to follow

This year I’ve had stalls at – Pages artist’s book fair at Leeds University (March); Printed Bound artist’s book and print fair, Sunny Bank Mill (April); and Roundhay Art Trail in St Edmund’s church (May). I’ve made some new books for these –

Nest Egg

Scrumpled Tree in Folded and Cut book; Flower Fold Map book with quotations

Experimenting – Flower fold book make with Chinese gold life joss stick paper – bright and beautiful

In May David Honeybone and I had this installation in St Edmund’s chruch as part of Roundhay Artist’s Open Studios.

“Since we met on our fine art degree course over 20 years ago, we have regularly worked collaboratively. During the course of many discussions, debates and disagreements, we have found lots of common ground and parallel experiences, which include our love of travel and exploration and the richness of the memories, insights and understanding that they produce. And of course to do this properly needs maps – of all sorts.” – but not only maps …. first there were the Callanish standing stones (collaborative piece, graphite on paper). Then here there’s my Travel Rug – the embroidered outlines of all 57 countries that I have visited (one, but only one, visitor actually adentified all of them); a modular origami vessel made from map pieces on a collection of David and my OS maps; more modular origani vessels and shapes made from map pieces; deconstructed cases with a collection of our travel books); and David’s Special trunk and its memories – ‘She packed her history away in what she saw in her mind as a roped parcel in oiled silk with red wax seals on the knots and which a woman like and unlike herself carried perpetually over a windswept moor, sometimes on her head, sometimes held before her on her two arms…….’ A S Byatt, The Children’s Book

Plus I had a table of artist’s books that included maps –