In May David Honeybone and I had this installation in St Edmund’s chruch as part of Roundhay Artist’s Open Studios.

“Since we met on our fine art degree course over 20 years ago, we have regularly worked collaboratively. During the course of many discussions, debates and disagreements, we have found lots of common ground and parallel experiences, which include our love of travel and exploration and the richness of the memories, insights and understanding that they produce. And of course to do this properly needs maps – of all sorts.” – but not only maps …. first there were the Callanish standing stones (collaborative piece, graphite on paper). Then here there’s my Travel Rug – the embroidered outlines of all 57 countries that I have visited (one, but only one, visitor actually adentified all of them); a modular origami vessel made from map pieces on a collection of David and my OS maps; more modular origani vessels and shapes made from map pieces; deconstructed cases with a collection of our travel books); and David’s Special trunk and its memories – ‘She packed her history away in what she saw in her mind as a roped parcel in oiled silk with red wax seals on the knots and which a woman like and unlike herself carried perpetually over a windswept moor, sometimes on her head, sometimes held before her on her two arms…….’ A S Byatt, The Children’s Book

Plus I had a table of artist’s books that included maps –

TEN book

Turn the Page tenth anniversary Book Art competition

Made this book for the TTP competition on the theme of TEN –

10 concertina books, each of 10 pages, each page 10x10cm and containing one word that contains the letters TEN; all held together by a ring so it can be displayed in various configurations.

Collage Poetry

This weeks theme – collage – which I really love and have wanted to do some work on for ages – but it’s too easy just to stick things on a page without rhyme or reason whereas I need some rationale and coherance. This collage ‘book’ is a collection of personal references and meanings. The structure references, and is an homage to, Joseph Cornell, using a hollowed-out ready-made book rather than the boxes that he used in his assemblages. I had collected the felt lobsters years before with such a purpose in mind. The painting-seeing-poetry-feeling words are from a quotation by Leonardo da Vinci, with his Virgin and Child cartoon included as it is a particular passion of mine. The face of Mary in that drawing reminds me of my mother so the map in the background includes the area of Sheffield where she grew up and that of Derbyshire that we regularly visited in my childhood. The reverse of the book is a bit random.

Poster Poetry

I decided on a very simple folded book structure for this week, partly because this lent itself to having a poster for a background and reminded me of posters and banners I’ve made and carried on marches and demos. I inherited my mother’s drawing board, where a banner she was painting had bled through onto the board and that provided the background for the book. This board was also an important part of my childhood so this little book is partly a message to her, in the ‘secret’ compartments of the book that are folded out of sight. The speech bubbles were a bit of minimalist ‘poetry’ … add ones own thoughts.