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Inside the Map group exhibition in Garry Barker’s Workshop Press Gallery in April. The group, me, Lesley, Carla and Sue, all work with maps in some way. We had an experimental drawing outing to Nan Whins Wood, Tong – sit facing out in the four cardinal directions, quick drawing of the view, move round one place leaving the drawing behind, draw new view on top of previous drawing, repeat, repeat; start again; repeat 3 more times – 16 drawings of the views NSEW – enormously good fun and very interesting results –

Distorted oview of the exhibition –

Lesley’s letterpress print and my and Clare’s draft Ruskin book –

And me ‘explaining’ something about mine and Clare’s Frankenstein book –

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Bit late in putting these pics here but never mind – the Lottie Tour takes place each November, run by the Women’s Engineering Society Young Members Board. Lottie dolls, dressed in hard hats, hi-viz jackets and saftey boots (though they haven’t yet sorted the hair problem…) are sent round to WES members to photograph at work and post on social media. As I no longer work in anything engineering I haven’t requested one before but last year I realised that Lottie could help me with the Women into Science and Engineering Collection that I’m sorting and cataloguing at the Feminist Archive North – great fun was had by all and the other volunteers at FAN thought she was great –


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Needing to fix (and then dry) the graphite rubbings I’d done at Brantwood – from the path that Ruskin walked and the seat he sat in – too smelly a job for inside, a sunny day but a bit windy so they pegged them to the hedge.


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Just had a wonderful weekend at Brantwood –┬áRuskin’s stunning home in the Lakes. ‘Spiritual Landscapes – the power of landscape to move us’. Led by the curator there, Howard Hull; thoroughly enjoyable, stimulating, enlightening and engaging weekend with a really lovely, interesting group.

brantwood leaf and fern 6 cropped


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