Tina’s Room   or   A Room of One’s Own

 In 1928 Virginia Woolf investigated what was needed for a woman to be a writer of fiction in “A Room of One’s Own”. In 2004 a room was built for Christina Honeybone, a handloom weaver, as her studio. She died in 2007. As artists who make site specific work, David Honeybone and I put these two events together and created an installation for Roundhay Open Studios. It combines the story of that place with the issues emphasised by Virginia Woolf – a private space, a lockable door and sufficient income – uninterrupted time to think and create.

Everything in the space had a direct connection with the space, the person for whom it was built and Virginia Woolf’s book – yarns ready for weaving, an eclectic collection of  books from classical studies to techniques of weaving, postcards collected over decades, the objects needed for creativity and work we have made in response.

Photos by Maria Spadafora

tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-75 tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-82 tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-91 tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-99-small tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-129-cropped-small tinas-room_maria-spadafora_april-2015-131


So busy making books for it I didn’t post an update about the Book Fair – ooops. Luckily Deborah, ace invigilator, took some photos of the stall and books.


Clare on the stall

Clare on our stall

Cross-stitched Book

Cross-stitch Book

Can Can Book

     Strong autumn wind chills

Young trees grab their petticoats

           Can Can chorus line.

Poem by Clare  which I lettered onto the leaf (you can just make it out).

Just had this book accepted for the Vilnius Artist’s Book Triennial 2015 – http://artistsbook.lt/blog/2013/09/24/7th-artists-book-triennial-vilnius-2015/   It is on the theme of ERROR – I’ve collected pages from a disparate array of books and sewn them onto each other and into a recycled cover –


Also I’m going to have a stall at the Leeds Artist’s Book Fair (6th – 8th March at The Tetley) again but this time with my chum Clare Wigzell, poet,  on the theme Rock – Tree – Landscape, an ongoing project we have been working on togethe.

Rock tree landscape 1small Rock tree landscape 2small

And also doing an installation with David Honeybone in his studio for Roundhay Open Studios  (26th April).

Busy, busy, busy.


Last minute preparations for my stall at the book fair.

I’ve made some little razor shell books to go with the Mermaid book I made for Yorkshire Life Aquatic and have that book, the Mariner’s Journey book and two books from the Ghosts artist’s residency at Armley Mills on the stall. Also some little notebooks made from photos that were part of the installation at Armley Mills and a Texture book I started at the Lumb Bank course last year. And this is what that shalwar kameez ended up as –


IMG_7623 small       IMG_7627 small        IMG_7630 small



Me and Andy

Me and my brother Andy in Shimshal, Karakoram Mountains. I’ve made this shalwar kameez into a book that’ll be on my stall at the book fair – 7th – 9th March at The (lovely new) Tetley in central Leeds.

Been working with Deborah Sanderson of Urban Angels on a concept book for an amazing project she’s planning as part of the cultural events around Le Grande Depart next spring-summer. A lot of work but worth it. She’s had the book filmed and put on You Tube –